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A Memoirs update

It ain't easy to reply to all commenters at Yahoo! Groups, but I intend to get there, so please be patient.

Today I wrote this at

I write on the afternoon of June 6, 2011. So far, it's been quite a day for me, as have my recent ones been. It marks ten months since 'at least two carloads' of people, according to a former near neighbour who I had trouble finding (because she now lives elsewhere), assaulted me and left me to die. It was August 6, 2010, the temperature was about zero degree Celsius. No one wants to talk about it. All weird, all not nice. Fortunately, a refuse collector phoned an ambulance, not police, or I'd probably be dead. I still have no idea who did it. Sine December 19 I've tried whenever I can to talk with Coffs Harbour and Bellingen Police, and they promise to phone. Nothing. My phone is erratic, but has an 'answerphone', and I'm easy to find in Bellingen. I've made it clear on that I only want to chat and exhange information, not accuse or harangue. I've lived here for about 34 years and I'm quite well known. My website is quite well known locally, as I am, and Wilson's Almanac Book of Days is broadcast twice each morning on 2BB community radio. The people at the Neighbourhood Centre know me quite well and have my address. It seems incredible to me that I have brain injury, but I've never felt or thought better in my life, and I can only wonder how everyone else is. Are the police trying to catch cars with the speed cameras that even the man who designed them says don't work (ABC Radio National, while I was in Ryde Rehab), but are a revenue-raising devices?

For example, I've had old friends try to prevent me phoning police. Why? And a week or so ago, I was standing at a restaurant cutlery tray, and a very old friend, when I showed him that I carry a bread-and-butter knife for protection at night, exclaimed "Put it away!". Another very old friend told me I was boring her by talking about this matter for about the third time. Don't know about you, but I have some concern for people being badly injured, maybe dead and leaving widows and orphans. So many people I know have been beaten up, half blinded, in Bellingen - three I know well. The problem might depart of its own accord, but a bit of community awareness would help. It might be like Support on Wilson's Almanac. Millions of potential subscribers, more than the population of Planet Earth by now, a mathematics specialist said, but evaporated since I was beaten up.

This weekend just gone, I wanted to return a lost wallet I'd found in Hammond St, Bellingen, near my home. I like street stalls, and I asked a very nice woman serving at one, who knew from our conversation that I'd had brain injury and very poor eyesight, which way to Halpin St. She directed me to a nearby street. Soon, I'd already walked nearly a kilometre, but I walked to the end of the street, the part all locals know as a place badly damaged in one of the five floods of 2009, and I asked about three locals which way to Halpin Close. No one knew. When I finally found Halpin Street, I returned the wallet and the young bloke had never even heard that people are being assaulted and some left nearly dead, some almost blinded, in Bellingen. It amazed me. I've known his father and grandmother for more than 30 years and asked to give my regards. This seems an off-topic matter. My experiences at Ryde's Royal Rehabilitation Centre for brain injury were horrendous, and I'm collating them now, soon to place on this site.

On the 'upside', my orthoptist in Sydney, a woman I like very much, finally phoned me last week, days or weeks after promising to do so, and said that I don't have a twisted or stretched optic nerve, as she'd told the doctors and me, and was believed by me, my daughter, father, doctors, and so on, but I have a muscular injury, and recommended that I see an orthoptist, not an ophthalmolgist, in Coffs Harbour. It's still difficult for me to travel, so I'll rely on my own eye exercises. These days I don't even need lights at night, inside or out. Iwalk in the dark and feel secure.

Today I was expecting a visit from another badly brain-injured person, damaged by the health system and diagnosed as shizophrenic by doctors for 34 years. She had a tumour as big as a banana pop out of her skull when her hospital MRI rain scans were seen by a visiting medical specialist. No show from this person today. Someone I love, someone who knows what I've been through, and someone who I know what's been endured. Her stuff is iatrogenic as well.

So, that's just some of my day. Back soon with some other memoirs.


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hmmm. Bellingen was one of the places on my list to move to. doesn't sound like the idyllic place it seems when I visit. many beaten up? eek! it sounds like the city.

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