Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm still doing well after the Extreme Traumatic Brain Injury, and have posted quite a lot online, most importantly to me lately, my Almanac items themselves, and I write something at every few days, and almost always respond to emails much quicker. Of course, some nagging memory problems, but I know I feel and in the main think better than I ever have, and beginning all sorts of new stuff. Writing new poetry, FeelGood tips, and so on, but all bit by bit. Naturally, I take everything very easy, do exercise and plenty of rest, walking, easy gardening, and so on. I believe I'm way ahead of the prognosis of 2 years' recovery, but I keep that as my target. No one, not even doctors, know TBI, or Pip Wilson (I'm the world expert on that!) from shit, so I just trust myself. As for not showing their arse from a hole in the ground, I learned more in 3 minutes walk ('slightly optically impaired') I learned more than the cops did in weeks. In fact, On December, 2010, I phoned Coffs Harbour Police (I live in Bellingen and Coffs is the nearest big town) to wish them a happy Xmas, offer to swap info on the assault or 'attempted murder' of me (Seems I was assaulted at 11pm on a freezing cold night and left for 7 hours on a little street). No, I don't know who did it, doubt I ever will, and the various rumours and guesses I've heard even since days I had a couple of phone calls from apparently deluded locals while I was emerging from 71 days of Post-Traumatic Amnesia), are just. I just say I'm the world expert on Pip Wilson and what happened that night, and leave it at that. Some people even told me by phone I had fallen over ... those who saw me in critical care who disagree. Of course, I have my guesses, but I'm not into suppositions or guesses. I just let it ride, very rarely think about it, but a few people have wanted to know, and I jusr say I don't know. I haven't a skerrick of revenge, and if guesses are like wishes: if they were horses, beggars could ride. Anyway, I'm well and very happy, expecting much via my Facebook page in coming months. It might have lots of typographical errors! But my sight's improving, slowly but slowly, and I have a very good attitude, especially about self-improvement. See ya.


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