Saturday, April 02, 2011

All's well at The Ponderosa

(Well, almost) all is well. I accept that life has its ups and downs, but I live in a wonderful place, I'm spending about all of my 18 hours awake in constructive things for me, following my injury, like writing, walking, gardening ... and when my monitor went on the blink for an hour or so this morning, boredom set in! I'd already had my walk and gardening, so I really couldn't think what else to do. I think that anyone who doesn't want to do another hour of those, maybe weeks, is of sound mind, so ... phew!

I'd already had my beautiful hour gardening with Chase and Chutney, my two homing hens who live in my backyard in Chook Shanti. This one's Chase, the newest one. Being free-range, she might live 10 or 15 years, bot a year or two like battery hens, and in recent weeks has become my pet - one that gives beautiful free food, though lately the chooks are off the lay. But I thought I'd show Chase off a bit.

BTW, one Almy project I've spent most time on lately is Microminibliss, sort of an addendum to my FeelGood Manual, kind of a new 'Pip's Tips',  (all this stuff is quite easy to find at but a free e-book of happiness tips on its own. So, I'm of for now, enjoying being back and learning new Blogger features, my favourite of which is [blogURL]/view/flipcard

OK, I'm going. But one more free plug for Microminibliss. Apart from health and happiness tips, I've added links to some of my favourite free websites, for watching movies, documentaries, dictionary and other stuff for webmasters, etc. Back soon. Seeya. Click PUBLISH POST. Okay.


Blogger miss*R said...

you live in Bellingen, a beautiful place. sorry to hear of your trauma... discovered your blog while searching for Samhain.

7:53 AM  

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