Wednesday, August 04, 2010

GetUp launches TV ad as Abbott delays paid parental leave "After parodying Julia Gillard's climate policy in a TV ad earlier this month, GetUp, an independent Australian advocacy organisation, has turned its attention to Tony Abbott in a new commercial featuring the Coalition leader's statements about abortion, the cervical cancer vaccine and the role of women in society.

"'Tony Abbott said that politicians are going to be judged on everything they say.' Australian women are judging his comments and they're justifiably concerned about the stance he would take on issues like abortion and women's health were he Prime Minister,' said GetUp National Director Simon Sheikh.

"'From counselling against the vaccination for cervical cancer as Health Minister, to calling abortion a matter of a woman's "convenience", Tony Abbott has consistently taken stands that show a lack of respect for issues that affect Australian women and matter to them most.'

"'Tony Abbott's paid parental leave policy was the one issue that Australians supported, and even that is now being delayed and weakened in the interests of big business,' Mr Sheikh said.

"New poll results released today by GetUp indicate that Mr Abbott's stance on women's health issues are influencing the views of Australian women. An Auspoll survey found that his opposition to safe non-surgical abortion medication and to the over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception has a negative impact on the opinions of one in two female voters ..."

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