Friday, October 16, 2009

Some of today's youth need a kick up the arse

On Wednesday I was accompanying in a mall an 88-year-old woman, who walks uneasily with a walking stick. She wanted to sit down, and politely asked a well-presented girl of about 14 if she might sit next to her on the 2-seater lounge. The brat said, "No, I'm waiting for a friend". I remonstrated with the brat, who still refused to allow the old lady to sit in the vacant seat. "So," I naturally said, "then YOU'D better stand up for her instead". At an adjacent sofa, an elderly man stood up and gallantly offered my friend his own seat. I said, "Thank you, but I really think the youngster should stand", to which the old bloke smiled and said, "I'm young!" The girl clung like a barnacle to her seat, but I kept needling her till she walked away in a huff ... I think without the slightest shred of shame, or even understanding. I'm seeing this kind of barbarism more and more in young people.

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