Friday, October 09, 2009

It was the OJ after all

I had a very interesting enlightenment today. I've been quite ill for some time, with asthma and a general illness that I couldn't understand, but which has been really debilitating. A couple of times, even today, I nearly checked into hospital. I tried all sorts of things to get well. I thought I might have Ross River Fever (a mosquito-borne disease found around here), or maybe I was just dying. Honestly, I thought I might cark it. The dust storms have given me asthma, but I suspected that something else was also to blame.

Then, today, I looked at the label of the orange juice (Orchy) that I've been drinking a lot of in recent months, and I found that it contains Preservative 202 -- and apparently I'm terribly allergic to it (not to the medicinal dose of Smirnoff that sometimes I add to enliven its spirits). I looked up Preservative 202 on the Internet and it says that it causes asthma in some people. When I realized this, I tipped the orange juice down the sink, and about 6 hours later I started to feel well again, for the first time in months. I feel fine now. I can breathe, and don't have to stay in bed all the time. I was really, really fucking sick for ages, and I have got better since I turfed the Orchy. Fuck these chemicals -- they should put warning labels on foods & drinks that contain them.



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