Saturday, October 10, 2009

Horse racing radio station

Today I accidentally landed on a radio station that is dedicated to horse racing, and I really enjoyed it -- me being someone who has never watched a horse race or bet on a horse. I found it a really funny and interesting experience, and I listened closely for an hour or two.

The jargon is wonderful. I didn't understand half of what was said, but was still captivated by the colourful words.

Apparently horse racing is very popular in Australia. I don't quite get it -- I can't imagine anything much more boring than watching animals racing around an oval, or a worse way to lose money than by gambling. (Only boxing could be more execrable.) But good luck to those who enjoy it, and I mean that sincerely. The jargon is really intriguing and funny, and I had a hoot listening to it, baffled as I was.

I've only ever known one person who likes to watch horses racing each other, and bet on them -- he's an aggressive buffoon who I recently had to warn (with a strong threat of prosecution) against defaming me. I think he watches horse racing every day, and it was only today, when I listened to this radio station, that I could begin to appreciate why he would do such an odd thing -- and I feel better disposed towards him, despite his criminal aggression against me, which I forgive but won't accept any more. There is something about the jargon of horse racing that sucked me in. It's kinda fascinating.


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