Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Song for David Hicks

Fair Go For David Hicks
'Wish Hounds' is the nom de plume of Melbourne, Australia singer/songwriter Justin Parker.

"The new single 'Into Our Arms' sounds the frustrations and despair that many fellow Australians feel over the plight of David Matthew Hicks. David, himself an Australian, has been in US custody at the Guantanamo military prison in Cuba and held for more than five years without trial since being captured in Afghanistan ..."

First part of the lyrics:

The southeast of Cuba,
Holds a naval station bay.
Leased to the U.S.
They lock combatants away.
White walls in his holding cell
Home the last five years.
The father does his best,
His plea falls on deaf ears...

Bring him home,
Into his arms.
Get him home,
Into our arms...

Some leaders are dinosaurs.
Beliefs soon to be extinct.
From their lack of compassion,
I am surprised that they can sleep.
And so, the moral police,
Say it's wrong what he did.
If their Jesus was here,
He'd be the first to forgive ...

So bring him home,
Into our arms.
Just get him home,
Into our arms...

Meanwhile executives have been,
Funding dictators.
While our government has been,
Willing spectators.
So much for the Rule of Law ...

I dips me lid to Korova Crow who sent me the link.

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