Saturday, March 10, 2007

Best Dylan parody I ever heard

Click Dylan Hears a Who!

It not only sounds like Zimmy singing Dr Seuss classics. It sounds just like his band from Highway 61 Revisited and albums either side of that. It sounds like a CBS recording circa 1965, right down to the vinyl snaps, crackles and pops. Even the cover looks right.

You can download the mp3s here. Conga-rats eye-berried pall (I buried Paul -- old hipsters will get that) who put this together. And a big-red-and-white-striped hat tip to Maryannaville.

On March 2 it was the 50th anniversary of Dr Seuss's 'Cat in the Hat', and they played a consummate reading of it on radio here in Australia. Tell you something: I used to be in the book trade and sold hundreds, or thousands, of Dr Seuss books, but I never read one of them. I hated the illustrations (they still make me chunder) so I never took the time. I have three children and five grandies, but I have never heard or read a Dr Seuss book before. I must have had a deprived childhood. But now I've heard 'Cat in the Hat', and it's fukn A, like this Bobby parody. Enjoy it.

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