Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can you help with my Blogger problem?

A few days ago, Blogger forced me to change my nearly four-year-old blog to its new format. I didn't want to do it but it gave me no choice.

Since then I have two problems. Firstly, my RSS feed is now three months out of date and I can find nothing in the Help section, which is absolutely convoluted and almost useless. Of course, it's practically impossible to speak to an actual human being at Blogger ... so far I haven't found a way to do it. (I remember four years ago when the Blogger Support desk was very helpful and efficient.) There is nothing in the Site Feed setting which tells me what my new feed is (I presume it's an Atom feed, not RSS any more.)

Secondly, the 'Remember Me' function does not work and now I have to log in every single time.

Has anyone any solutions for me?

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Anonymous Dave said...

Well, if this was your old feed
I'm not surprised it no longer updates, that's a very old one.

New blogger feeds are at
is for atom
for rss
And they both appear to be working. You'll probably have to point at one of those.
You also have access to comments feeds now as well, if that helps ease the pain. :-)

Check out this one for the remember me problem.
If you are using IE, that's probably it.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous N? said...

I can confirm. I was subbed to the old feed in my IE 7 and it wouldn't update recently, but I have now subbed again and it shows up as

plus: it's all up-to-date content!

BTW, if one hovers over the little XML orange button in your sidebar, I think it's actually showing (in other words, it has a WWW in it. Never noticed before.)

12:27 PM  

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