Monday, February 12, 2007

Aussie PM under attack for words to Obama

Pictured: Sydney Morning Herald readers' poll on Howard's remarks

Australia: "In federal Parliament, the Opposition has directed all its questions to Prime Minister John Howard, attacking him over the alliance with the United States.

"Labor has challenged Mr Howard to withdraw his comment that Al Qaeda will be praying for Senator Barack Obama to win the US presidency.

"Senator Obama, who is seeking the Democrat nomination, has called for troops to be brought home from Iraq.

"Mr Howard says he will not retreat from his criticism of Senator Obama's call.

"Labor has tried to censure Mr Howard over the comments.

"Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says the relationship with the US Democratic Party has been damaged.

"'To accuse the Democratic Party of being the terrorist's party of choice, this is a most serious charge,' he said.

"'To accuse the party of Roosevelt, to accuse the party of Truman, to accuse the party of Kennedy and Johnson of being the terrorist's party of choice.'"
Sydney Morning Herald

Australian PM faces storm over criticism of US candidate

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