Friday, February 09, 2007

The big move and a chili sandwich

Well, my son Remy and I have moved about an hour south from where we were at Emerald Beach, and have a nice place in Bellingen. My ISP, Bigpond, took four days to flick the switch, so I've been offline all week. It's great to be back.

While I was moving, ABC Radio National's 'Perspective' program aired my short talk on Henry Lawson and his associates and love affairs. The transcript will be here for about 4 weeks (click 'Show Transcript').

An hour before I recorded the five-minute talk in the ABC studio in Coffs Harbour, I ate a chili sandwich which burnt my throat and, when I tried to clear my throat in the studio, it sent me into a coughing fit and I nearly lost my voice. I coughed all through the show and I admit that I was also belching a bit. I love my chili. The producer did a good edit job, but I sounded terrible considering it was aired nationwide in prime time, and also overseas on Radio Australia. Embarrassed as I am, I've made the mp3 (2.8 megs) available online.

Unfortunately, reorganized their book-pricing structure while I was offline, and on the day of my radio talk, and the next, the Lulu site for my novel was unavailable, so despite all the publicity I didn't get a sale. It's all fixed now.

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