Monday, February 12, 2007

Difference of Opinion

Older Australians will remember an ABC TV program called 'Monday Conference', whose demise I have long bemoaned, as Australian TV has never replaced that vibrant issues-based show that allowed two or more sides in any given important social issue to air their views. A large audience was also involved, invited by the producers from interest groups, so the programs were always stimulating and often very wild.

Aussie TV has for a couple of decades been determinedly mindless and free from debate about things that really matter, so it will be great to see 'Auntie' ABC bite the bullet and reintroduce a bit of 'Monday Conference' viagra into the national consciousness. This is coming with the new show, Difference of Opinion, hosted by veteran journalist Jeff McMullen (pictured). Auntie has only slated it for a season of 12 weeks, and it will have a presence online as well, where I hope to view it. I sincerely hope the show lives up to my expectations and, if successful, it will outlive its 12 weeks of fame. Australia needs something like this, and Rupert will never provide anything to unsettle the peasants.

I must add, the last time I saw Mr McMullen on TV must have been about 25 or 30 years ago. He and I have both aged.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turned off after 20 minutes - a boring waste of time and money!

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