Monday, February 12, 2007

PeaceBus news from Graeme

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Graeme Dunstan of PeaceBus writes:

webgreetings Pip,
Address of new abode is recorded. Expect a visit before May.
Check out pics of the Hicks Canberra Convergence of last Tuesday @
On Saturday i was a witness to the Rising Tide Flotilla Coal Blockade on Newcastle Harbour.
Maybe 500 people showed, maybe a 100 water craft, some swam out to the shipping channel in inner tubes, lots of beautiful young bodies, six endorsed Greens in attendance including Kerry Nettle and Lee Rhiannon, the latter in a kayak and looking radiant. Heaps of media.
No coal freighters came by. But all in all a lovely day at the beach with greenie activist mates.
A new confidence, a new spirit upon the land.
I call it Eureka spirit and was there flying the flag.
May you be well and happy,

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