Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 1917, Fatima

1917 Fatima – let the apparitions begin

Mary, Queen of Heaven – or goddess? – appeared to kids

Many Roman Catholics, and some others, believe that during the dark days of the First World War, in a Portuguese village
an event happened which has profoundly affected the Roman Catholic Church ever since.
According to Catholic tradition over nearly the last century, the Blessed Virgin Mary ('the Mother of God'), appeared six times to three shepherd children ('the Three Seers') above a holmoak tree in a chickpea field near the town of Fatima, Portugal. These apparitions commenced on this day and continued until October 13, 1917

Fatima is also the name of an ancient Arabian goddess and she is identified also as Az-Sahra, the Shining One, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed.
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"She is called Zahra, the radiant one, a universal motif and a characteristic of all saints. She is also called Batul, meaning virgin. She is Queen of mankind and is compared to Mary and is called Maryam and like Mary she is Queen of Heaven. She is the first woman who will enter the paradise and all those who accompany her or have prayed to her will also enter paradise and their sins will be forgiven, she is their shafes and protector. She is mohadatheh, the one who talks and is in contact with angles [sic]. In fact angles are at her service. Archangel Gabriel representing the Holy Ghost praises her at her incredible wedding in heaven and angles [sic] assist her when she is giving birth to her children and are present at her deathbed.

"She is pure (tahereh), sinless and becomes one of the 14 innocents and one of the holy five (panj tan). She is a major archetype with her own cult. There are prayers for her and a major all female feast, sofreh hazrat i zahra, is still very popular with Muslim women. Sofreh feasts are Zoroastrian in origin and are mainly practiced by Iranians.
"   Source

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