Sunday, May 06, 2012

From May 6 at Wilson's Almanac: We have a problem, Houston

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I apologise for the 'recent development' with Wilson's Almanac, its ezine, book of Days, Blogamanac, and so on. Something is wrong with Esmeralda Computer' hardware and some of her software, and some images, colours and links aren't showing. It will probably take me some weeks, or a couple of months, to get it all sorted out.

Meanwhile, if it says 'May 25' or some date like that in the title, you can always find what you want by using, as it's all online at the Almy, among millions of words, many thousands of images, and access to almost anything you might wish to find online.

Thank you.

Pip (read on).

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1968 May 1968, Paris: Parisian Universities were closed, and new demonstrations of solidarity with those rounded up and jailed in the May 3 demonstrations ended in violent confrontations with police. There were more than 900 wounded and 422 arrests.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit
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