Sunday, November 06, 2011

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Gday, Blogmanac reader. I intend to place this introductory matter beneath the animated masthead above, on each page of the Almanac, because many readers arrive for their first time and don't know their way around. I'm aware that it might be a nuisance to some, but feel free to use, or ignore, any links, and scroll down to other matters if you wish.
I haven't forgotten that some replies are to be made to comments on the Blogmanac. Honestly, I've barely had time to scratch myself if it itches. I intend do them very soon. 
Thank you, as always. And I'm sorry the text here is slightly askew. I tried a lot, but I can't fix it. It's OK beginning November 5 at the Almy, I believe. Love, Pip
Big deal.
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IMDB days  IMDB years  Wikipedia days  Wiki decades  Wiki centuries  Timelines 
Lunabar  Birthday calculator
When 'Source' links on this page move address or die, I might allow them to stay here, but the Wayback Machine might help you locate the original. has some good date calculators, and in particular this printable, illustrated, 10,000-year one
Most pages, and some photos at the Almanac are big. If any fails to load fully, please click Refresh on your browser menu.
The page is fully loaded when you see the purple menu bar, usually at the foot of the page.
fnordreetings from Bellingen, Australia.
Welcome to this Red-Letter Day. Below you will find today's global celebrations, birthdays and events.
First time here?  See the Book of Days Index for Information How it works
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I request your support if this website pleases and informs you, as this is my livelihood. Thank you, from the bottom of my fridge. 
Inquiries from publishers are welcome, but, dear reader, please don't use my work without my written permission. If I've inadvertently used something of yours that you consider not to fall under the fair use and copyleft doctrines, please tell me and I'll gladly and quickly remove it. See you tomorrow!
Carpe diem! (Seize the day!) And, as they say in McDonald’s, ‘have a nice da-ay’ (add plastic smile). Nup. Make a great day.
Pip Wilson
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