Monday, September 26, 2011

Abeyance for a fortnight or so, for all Almanac activities

I took this pic of my mate Paul, firetwirling in Bellingen, by the river, with many bats from Bat Island,
very near my residence, commencing their nightly hunt. Click pic to embiggen.

Greetings from soggy Bellingen, NSW, Australia. I've been very busy lately, and still am, have very much going on in my life (most of it Wilson's Almanac-related), and regret that it will be quite a few days before my return to Facebook, the Blogmanac, and the daily ezine.

I intend to be in Sydney for up to a week from October 5, so, unfortunately, the Almanac will be in abeyance about then as well. So, in fact, the Almanac will be gone in all its forms for two weeks or a bit more. However, I intend to resume all Almanac activities in full by October 8, the birthday of the mother of my No. 2-born son, Remy, namely Kanagampuspavallee, or very soon after, depending on my own schedule, bus timetables, and so on. I'm looking forward to full resumption of the Almanac's many ways to commemorate and celebrate every day of the year. I believe that you'll find almost anything which particularly interests you, by using the Almy's Search page to plumb its depths of more than 4 million words, so please advise if something's incorrect, missing, or just plain stupid, in your view, at the Almy.

Search is at Thank you, friends. Abundance and gratitude. As always, carpe diem! Seize the day! And, friends, please refrain from posting awards and birthday photos on the Facebook page, because it interrupts the flow of my Almanac work. Thank you. Pip.


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