Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here Be Dragons - an introduction to critical thinking

Highly recommended

"Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display.

"Most people fully accept paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media. Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and understanding the dangers of pseudoscience, and appreciation for the reality-based benefits offered by real science.

"Here Be Dragons is written and presented by Brian Dunning, host and producer of the Skeptoid podcast and author of Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena, and Executive Producer of The Skeptologists."

View Here Be Dragons here and also at YouTube

Skeptoid, the podcast
See also, a free weekly podcast "dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture.

"Each weekly episode focuses on a single phenomenon — an urban legend, a paranormal claim, alternative therapy, or something just plain stupid — that you've heard of, and that you probably believe in. Skeptoid attempts to expose the folly of belief in non-evidence based phenomena, and more importantly, explains the factual scientific reality."

(Skeptoid podcast is just one item in the radio on the free Wilson's Almanac toolbar, and also regularly feeds into the Almanac's Podcasts page.)

See also Wilson's Blogmanac on the quackery of homeopathy, April 10, 2008, with videos by Richard Dawkins and James Randi.

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