Thursday, January 15, 2009

Credit card thief charged as sex offender

"Mr. Soucia was a thief: more precisely he stole a credit card. And, as a result, he was prosecuted 'under the "Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act".' How’s that!!

"What gave the low-life prosecutor, aptly named James Conboy, the excuse was that the young man used the stolen credit to hire some strippers. In the logical world of Mr. Conboy: 'If you commit a burglary and your goal is because of your own sexual gratification, it’s a sexually motivated felony.' ...

"... the young thief will have to register as a dangerous sex offender. And how will the offender's registry, or what vigilantes call 'the hit list', describe Mr. Soucia? When he is released from prison his picture, along with his home address, will be published on a sex offender's web site. He will be listed as having been convicted of a 'sexually motivated felony'. That sounds really bad. No doubt the morons who troll the lists will see this as proof that Soucia was out raping children at the local church nursery. Instead, he broke in a house and stole a credit card ..."
Source and a lid dip to blogger Fignatz

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