Saturday, January 17, 2009

FREE new Almanac toolbar. I think you'll love this useful browser tool

Click the image above to see what the toolbar looks like is where you'll find it, see it, try it.

Firefox users, please then visit

Welcome! Greetings from Pip Wilson in Bellingen, Australia.

You'll find that your Wilson's Almanac toolbar for your web browser gives you searches as good as Google's, because it is in partnership with Google. You can add your own content, gadgets and widgets such as YouTubes, games, etc; you can search the Almanac's 9 million words and the whole Internet; be notified when an email comes into your own email in-tray. You can play many radio stations and excellent podcasts. You can send messages to and from Wilson's Almanac through your toolbar. And much, much more. So, just click one of the above links and if you decide to install the safe, free toolbar, set-up will take just a minute or two.

You can also easily toggle between your new toolbar and any other you have, by going to View/Toolbars at the top of your browser.

Is it safe?

The toolbar is safe from spyware: see and . It has won many awards: see . Prestigious organizations like Lufthansa and Greenpeace use toolbars sourced from the same software company,

"Conduit Toolbar 4.5 has been designated as a Standard Application which is currently Certified by the TRUSTe Trusted Download Program." TRUSTe accreditation source

So, please tell your friends they, too, can download their WA toolbar for free from -- you'll be helping the free Wilson's Almanac grow and stay online. Thank you!

Abundance and gratitude,

Your almanackist,

Pip Wilson

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