Monday, December 10, 2007

McClelland gives green light for Hicks control order

Fair Go For David Hicks
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

"Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has given the Australian Federal Police (AFP) the go-ahead to seek a control order against former Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks.

"Neither Mr McClelland's office nor the AFP would comment on this development, saying it is an operational matter ..."

David Hicks posts in the Blogmanac

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Anonymous Captain said...

Jon Sullivan is the new member of Longman who unseated Mal Brough, the former Minister for martial law in the NT. He did this with a 10.6 % and as such he as big an electorial hero as Maxine McKew.

Jon in the 8 years between his time in the Qld parliament and his election was site manager for the Woodford Festival and this is where i got to know him.

I am site there and Jon came visiting a couple of days ago. He was greeted with many a congratulatory hug. Me the first!

As a died in the black wool Buddha Anarchists I was curious to hear his response to the news earlier in the week that the new Attorney General McClellan had given the green light to the Australian Federal Police to seek restraining orders for David Hicks when he comes out of prison.

"Gutless wonder ALP Attorney General!" was my response.

Hasn't Hicks suffered enough. We know he is harmless and more in need of psychological care that policing.

Isn't the expressed public concern for his suffering enough for a Labour Minister to take a stand, be brave and say to the AFP: "Enough!"?

"No," said John. "Due process is a better course".

"Let the AFP go to the court and let them be torn apart by the legal lions."

The legal fraternity who strongly supported the call for justice for David Hicks are eager for the opportunity to show the various bits of Howard/Ruddick statute that stripped away civil liberties in this land are unacceptable in practice and to the legal fraternity.

The jury is out, we wait and see whether the Rudd government who made no electoral promises or commitments on subjects as controversial as civil liberties will deliver the morality they dare not speak to their constituents.

Patience friends!

Graeme Dunstan

4:25 PM  

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