Monday, December 10, 2007

Billy Field

OK, I've tried this out on a few people this week, and I think they've all agreed (some quite strongly) with my contention that Billy Field's 1981 song, 'You Weren't In Love With Me' is a very good example of a pop song from Australia that deserved to do very well internationally, but didn't.

If Billy Joel and not Billy Field had written it, I think it could have charted extremely well anywhere. Only one drawback -- the common Australian expression, "Blind Freddie knew that". It means that even a blind man could see something so obvious. That line might need a bit of tweaking for an international audience, but I still think it's a good song that only did well in its home country.

Billy's 'Bad Habits', another wonderful song, was covered by David Lee Roth. Will someone ever cover this sad ballad?

Here it is at YouTube.

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