Friday, November 30, 2007

Fava and Brown fined for quokka shocker

As regular readers of the Blogmanac will know, it is our view that:

(a) Competition, which is forced on little children under the auspices of competitive sport, is relatively unhealthy;
(b) Competitive sport is misrepresented by reactionary forces in society as being healthy, and it endorses the warrior mentality;
(c) Competitive sport is replete with examples that indicate how unhealthy it is.
(d) Competitive sport has become almost synonymous with violence, cheating, vanity, bullying and drug abuse.

We occasionally show examples. Lately, there have been very many such examples in Australia. Recently, three teenagers were arrested for kicking a boy to death. The judge was lenient with them, because they are involved in sport.

Whether the judge meant that they were somehow exculpated because sport had corrupted them is difficult to tell. Perhaps he had obsolete ideas about sport and was thinking that their involvement in sport meant that they were nice guys. Either way it's extremely weird.

Here's another one:

Fava and Brown fined for quokka shocker

Thanx Baz.

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