Sunday, February 04, 2007

John Howard on trial in Bellingen

Australia: "Prime Minister John Howard is to face trial in the NSW town of Bellingen on February 10. He is charged with offences including wilful and malicious damage to our national and international interests, aggravated indecent assault upon the working class and conspiring to pervert the course of democracy.

"Nestled in the idyllic hinterland of the NSW mid-north coast, the Bellingen Shire has traditionally been in National Party territory, lying within the federal seat of Cowper, currently held by Luke Hartsuyker. But the steady influx of 'new settlers' seeking an alternative lifestyle has brought with it a slow but steady change in the political demographic.

"In 2003, the town hosted a march to protest against Australia’s involvement in the Iraq war. This attracted 3000 people, which on a per capita basis made it the largest protest of its kind in the world ..."
Green Left

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Blogger Saboma said...

Now if we can only get the big ducks in the US impeached...

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