Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Million Phone March

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"In the biggest Washington protest since the Iraq War and Occupation started, hundreds of thousands of people last Saturday showed that the movement against the war is growing in strength across the US. Virginia Rodino, who was one of the United for Peace and Justice mobilising co-ordinators for the protest, said, 'This was representative of the mood in the US. The protest was calling for the US troops to be brought home.' Our military generals on the ground admit the resistance consists almost entirely of native Iraqis who just want us to LEAVE, and with no end to the increasing violence in sight.

"We need to build on the momentum of the the recent demonstrations by having each member of Congress hear personally from you, their direct constituents, to demand that Congress pass legislation to end the war now, refuse any additional funding for the war, prohibit the establishment of permanent military bases in Iraq, and investigate the claims of the Bush administration that were used to justify the war ..."
Million Phone March

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