Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Phony war on terror has new casualties at home and abroad

Secret Service visits 81-year-old to ask about letter criticizing Bush

"Dan Tilli of Bethlehem, Pa., has written more than 200 letters-to-the-editor.

"His most recent one earned the 81-year-old a visit from two U.S. Secret Service officers who wanted to know more about what he meant when he wrote that "they hanged the wrong man" in Iraq.

"The Express-Times in Easton, Pa., has the full story. It all began with this Jan. 15 letter-to-the editor from Tilli ..."
USA Today

Qantas boot man for wearing Bush shirt
"An Australian man said he is considering suing national carrier Qantas for refusing to let him onto an international flight because he would not take off a T-shirt calling U.S. President George W. Bush a terrorist.

"Allen Jasson said on Monday he was turned away last Friday at a Qantas departure gate in the southern city of Melbourne when he tried to board a flight to London while wearing a shirt with the a picture of Bush and the slogan 'World's #1 terrorist.'"

31 Lies and Myths of the War on Terrorism and Iraq

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