Monday, September 13, 2004

*Ø* Powell said what about Shrub's neocons?

"Fucking crazies", that's what

"A furious row has broken out over claims in a new book by BBC broadcaster James Naughtie that US Secretary of State Colin Powell described neo-conservatives in the Bush administration as 'fucking crazies' during the build-up to war in Iraq.

"Powell's extraordinary outburst is alleged to have taken place during a telephone conversation with Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. The two became close friends during the intense negotiations in the summer of 2002 to build an international coalition for intervention via the United Nations. The 'crazies' are said to be Vice-President Dick Cheney, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz."
Source: Guardian

Tsk, tsk! My, but these conservatives have dirty hippie mouths these days.

Why doesn't Powell just quit, write a book, do lectures? How much money and power can salve that conscience (assuming that, as is widely asserted, he's actually been against Bush & Co from the beginning)? And maybe he'd get something resembling a smile back on that miserable face.

Maybe he's just not the token dove people like to paint him as. Wish he'd speak up next time his boss wants to kill fifty or sixty thousand people. Still, there's the mortgage and all. Isn't there more in lecture tours? Must be the power then. Hmmm


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