Saturday, September 11, 2004

*Ø* Cheney, 9-11 and oil desperation

The From the Wilderness website frequently has some stimulating articles.

Now available for free download (a PDF file) is a speech given by Michael C Ruppert, which is a teaser to his new book, Crossing the Rubicon. It is a thought-provoking window into the links between the Kean commission that investigated 9-11, and the oil industry.

It's well worth a read for its presentation of facts about the parlous state of oil production in the world, and, startlingly, points a finger at Dick Cheney as responsible for 9-11. I haven't read the book (but hope to) so I have no opinion on the latter, but there is a great deal of essential reading in the speech. For me to recommend a bloody PDF, it's got to be something out of the box.

Thanks, Star Light, for sending the link to the PDF.

From the Wilderness has another article on the subject here. Again, recommended. It's called In Your Face: Connections between Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, 9/11 and Peak Oil "On the Table". Here's a quote:
60% of the world's recoverable oil is in a “golden” triangle running from Mosul
in northern Iraq, to the Straits of Hormuz, to an oil field in Saudi Arabia 75
miles in from the coast, just west of Qatar, then back up to Mosul. Sixty per
cent of all the recoverable oil on the planet is an in area no larger than the
state of Indiana .

Is it surprising then that the overwhelming majority
of US military deployment since 9/11 is in this region?
Torturing Children, by William Rivers Pitt
Also at From the Wilderness, a disturbing article by William Rivers Pitt, Torturing Children, about 107 Iraqi children abused by American forces at Abu Ghraib prison, with war crimes including sodomizing of some children. Just another one of those Internet stories that, if you're lucky, the media take notice of about two years too late.


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