Monday, September 13, 2004

*Ø* Hammer day, Rome; Little Richard

Day of Driving the Nail, Roman Empire
In ancient Rome a nail was driven into the wall of the temple of Jupiter every 13 September. This was originally done to tally the year, but subsequently it became a religious ceremony for warding off calamities and plagues from the city ...

* Ø * Ø * Ø *

Tutti Frutti
September 13, 1955 Los Angeles, USA: Little Richard (Richard, or Ricardo, Wayne Penniman) recorded a bowdlerised version of Tutti Frutti. What the naughty words were that he expunged, your almanackist has not been able to determine, but “all over rootie” is still in the published lyrics.

I always thought it was “I wanna rootie”. The most famous line of the song is when Richard sings “A Wop bop a lu bop ba lop bam boom!” Or something like that.

Following an Australian tour in 1957, during which he looked up into a Sydney sky and saw Sputnik and was troubled by it, he said he saw a vision of the apocalypse and his own damnation in a dream. He said he prayed to God during a fiery plane flight, promising God that if the plane landed safely he would give up his rock ’n’ roll life ...

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