Thursday, September 09, 2004

*Ø* Two gods at war

Another reminder to Australians about the anger their government, with its cruel policies, has naturally caused in the Muslim world. News from Australia's nearest neighbour, Indonesia (the nation with the largest Muslim population):

Embassy blast kills 7 in Jakarta

"Seven people are now reported to have been killed after a blast outside the Australian embassy building in Jakarta this afternoon, but no Australians have been badly hurt.

"Hospital officials in Jakarta say at least seven people were killed and nearly 100 injured. Indonesian Radio is also reporting around 100 people have been injured."

This outrage, will, of course, up the ante. And so on ad infinitum. Expect rhetoric about the evil of these people, with never a reference to their grievances or the circumstances that can lead people to sacrifice their lives, while killing others.

Sadly, although the Australian government is aware of the context of these bombings, its leaders are expert manipulators of opinion, and they are adept at subordinating terrrorism, and the deaths of innocent people, to their political agenda. I believe we can expect much more of the same from fanatics of both the Islamist and Western economic rationalist variety. It's two gods at war while ordinary people are their collateral damage.


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