Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 1871, the Paris Commune ended

Paris CommuneThe Paris Commune collapsed after a week of intense fighting which left 33,000 dead. French government troops put down the commune, a revolt of city workers and other Republicans in the wake of the Prussian siege of Paris. The savage fighting killed a further 20,000 people.
Some 4,000 Communards were sentenced to death, and as many were transported to New Caledonia. Some of the Communards were shot against what is now known as the Communards' Wall in the Père Lachaise cemetery. The police dissolved workers' syndicates and, encouraged by the state, employers no longer tolerated union organising.
In 1884, the Third Republic parliament was forced to pass legislation recognising workers' organising rights, but included no provisions encouraging collective bargaining.


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