Sunday, March 25, 2012

A t very ragic fire in a factory, on March 25. 1911

Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire, 19111911 In New York City the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire killed 146 garment workers.

The Triangle Shirt Waist Company, occupying the top floors of a 10-story building in New York, was consumed by fire. One hundred and forty-six people, mostly women and young girls, age 13 to 23, working in sweatshop conditions, lost their lives.
Approximately 50 died as they leapt from windows to the street; the others were burned or trampled to death, desperately trying to escape via stairway exits illegally locked to prevent "the interruption of work."
Company owners were charged with seven counts of manslaughter – but were found not guilty.
A turning point in labor laws – especially concerning health and safety – occurred as a result of this disaster. For the previous three days, the company, along with other warehouse owners, had grouped together to fight the Fire Commissioner's order that fire sprinklers be installed.


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