Tuesday, March 20, 2012

End the Ocupation

2004 Millions worldwide protested the 2003 Iraq War under the slogan, "The World STILL Says No To War!".
2004 Two demonstrators from Greenpeace displayed a banner next to the clock in the clock tower of the palace of Westminster, London (popularly, but incorrectly, called Big Ben, which is the bell, not the clock).

"Two demonstrators from Greenpeace display a banner beneath the clock face of Big Ben, in central London on the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, March 20, 2004. Two anti-war protesters climbed London's landmark Big Ben clock tower at the Houses of Parliament on Saturday ahead of a demonstration to mark the first anniversary of war in Iraq, police said. The pair reached the clockface 328 feet (100 metres) above London using ropes and mountaineering equipment after scaling the tower early in the morning."
Source: Yahoo/Reuters

Thousands march in anti-war protests
"About 4,500 people have rallied in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as part of a global day of action against the American occupation of Iraq.

"It is a year since United States-led forces invaded the country.

"About 2,000 protesters have marched to Hyde Park in the heart of Sydney ..."

Source: ABC Oz

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