Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gday. Howya goin? All good for me.

Wikipedia and David Brown's prodigious Daily Bleed are both excellent resources which aid my research.
I frequently make use of their generously liberal 'fair use', 'copyleft' and 'anti-copyright' policies, with much gratitude.
© My own copyright policy is also liberal, but as this is my livelihood, conditions apply.

pagans4peace animation by Jeannine Wilson

Please only phone me 9-5, in business hours. I'm a 9-5 bloke. Thank you very much. Australia, (02) 6655 2785. All phone calls are very welcome in those hours.
With me, as with most Aussies, about 10pm is supper time, a good time for the last cuppa of the day.
I might add my news of the day at about that hour, about me and my loved ones, and so on, here at the foot of the page.


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