Monday, November 28, 2011

New header

This is just part of the new header I'm made for Wilson's Almanac pages. I invite your comments, from the many readers on the seven continents who read the Almanac. (I have no expectation of being overwhelmed with comments, but all are invited.) The whole header is at About Pip and November 27, at the Almanac, as it's hard to post here. Pip

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. . . .
Welcome, honoured guest. I intend, over some time, to place this introductory matter beneath the animated masthead above, on virtually every page of Wilson's Almanac, though possibly it's temporarily missing
(or badly busted, due to my months of non-attention, long away from home in hospital with my Extreme TBI), because many
readers arrive on a certain page here, for their first time,
and don't know their way around as I do. I'm well aware that it might be a nuisance to some, but please feel free to use, or ignore, any links, and scroll down to other matters if you wish.
You'll generally know when you've reached the foot of the page when you see a mauve Almanac directory bar. The whole almanac, and I, are under reconstruction. A big thankyou, and bright blessings to you.
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Pip Wilson, your very fortunate almanackist. November 26, 2011. Carpe diem!

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