Friday, November 11, 2011

A big day, and an auspicious one

 November 11 is a big day at Lunantishees; Mayflower Compact; Ned Kelly hanged; Boycotting began; the Human Fly; Typhoid Mary died; PM Gough Whitlam dismissed by the Queen's man. The saint of conscientious objection to military service. My grandfather was a 'conshy' in WWI, risking 12 month's imprisonment, with only 7 kids alive out of 11. A peacenik, like me. Births of Tycho Brahe, Colonel David Hackworth - Hack wrote for Simply Living when I edited it. At 11 minutes past 11 am, the time and date were 11:11/11:11:11, a very auspicious time for Pip to attend a delightful Poppy Day ceremony in Bellingen. Read about Poppy Day, and why it's called that, at the Almy. 
Every day's a good one, and auspicious, although we don't always see it. We all should, as Janis Joplin sang, "Try, just a little bit harder now, baby".
See you tomorrow, babe, I trust. Pip

1930 David Hackworth (d. May 4, 2005), United States Army colonel and prominent military journalist. 'Hack' was the founder of Tiger Force, the legendary unit in Vietnam that went on to commit outrageous atrocities (like My Lai but longer). Hackworth earned 91 military decorations (including two Distinguished Service Crosses, ten Silver Stars, eight Bronze Stars and eight Purple Hearts). He was awarded numerous individual citations for valour as well as unit citations earned by units he served in or commanded. Settling on the Australian Gold Coast, Hackworth soon made a fortune through profitable real estate investing, a lucrative duck farm, and a popular restaurant called Scaramouche. He was also active in the Australian anti-nuclear movement. Hack sometimes wrote for a magazine I edited in the '80s, Simply Living.


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