Monday, July 26, 2010

Mikhael the Poet

Mikhael the Poet
Originally uploaded by Pip_Wilson.
We first met in Bellingen a while ago and we discovered we are both poets. I recited a poem to him, but his repertoire is much greater than mine. He says he has written thousands of poems and can recite hundreds of them. I met him again in Grafton at the 2008 Jacaranda Festival. A warm, gentle, kind and very likable bloke. And we both like Champion Ruby so he's AOK by me. A few minutes before, he said, some coppers gave him one hour to leave town or they would bash him up "for fun", and some of the people around just laughed. But Mikhael wasn't bitter. Just preparing to leave town. I guess he's used to it.

I'm a member of the Rainbow Region Flickr group for North-eastern New South Wales.


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