Monday, July 26, 2010

Festival of Sleipnir (Asatru commemoration)

Sleipnir is the shamanic horse that can be used to travel to various consciousness levels.

The Ásatrú (Norse religion) festival commemorates Odin's eight-legged steed, which takes the rider between the three worlds, from the upper one of the gods, Asgard, through that of our present existence, Midgard, into the ghostly underworld, Utgard.

Sleipnir's name means 'smooth' or 'gliding', hence the English word, 'slippery'. Loki the trickster, in the guise of a mare, gave birth to Sleipnir by the magical stallion, Svadilfari.

Ásatrú is an Icelandic/Old Norse term consisting of two parts: Ása (Genitive of Æsir) referring to the gods and goddesses. The faith is also referred to as Norse or Germanic Heathenry ...

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