Sunday, July 25, 2010

The day Bob Dylan was booed off stage 1965 Crowds booed Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival when they played 'Maggie's Farm' backed by electric guitars (Paul Butterfield's band).

Dylan was dressed like a rocker with a black leather jacket, and it was all too much for the traditionally-minded folkies. Some in the audience yelled "Sellout!" and Pete Seeger later said he was "ready to chop the microphone cord". The day is now recognised as a major turning point in the world of both Folk and Rock, and the birth of Folk-Rock.

Dylan left the stage as a result of the booing, but was persuaded by Joan Baez to return to the stage. He sang two songs, 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue', clearly a farewell to the 'traditional folkies' who had booed him offstage, and 'Mister Tambourine Man', which was to become a hit for The Byrds, and left Newport, not to return until 2002, when he was welcomed back with open arms ...

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