Monday, July 05, 2010

Bellingen Community Gardens

Originally uploaded by Pip_Wilson. (set of photos) A small number of people have created a very large community garden in Bellingen. When I asked how many people work there regularly, I was told "four", although there are other volunteers who spend time there. It is much larger than I expected it to be. It is in Wheatley St, quite close to my home, a kilometre from the Post Office. A woman named Hilary and her husband have donated the land; the volunteers do the rest. Produce is sold at the gate with an honesty box. This is how things should be done, and it's wonderful that a few people have had the vision, commitment and energy to create this wonderful space.

A few weeks ago a fundraising concert was held on a Saturday night and 300 people came, so now Bellingen Community Gardens has its own sound stage.

As my own garden has many factors working against it, I will spend more time at the Bellingen Community Gardens.

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