Monday, February 15, 2010

History's largest protest ever

Read full story at Feb 15 in the Wilson's Almanac Book of Days  ... (On this day in 2003) Grimly determined to invade Iraq and thus secure fossil fuels to drive Western consumerism, the leaders of the 'Free World' plugged their ears when global protests against war on Iraq occurred in more than 600 cities worldwide. Estimates from 10 million - 15 million made this the largest day of protest in the history of humankind ...

Protests continued on February 16 in Australia, with an estimated 600,000 (out of a total national population of just 20 million) demonstrating in cities around the country. My own town of Bellingen, NSW, Australia, with only a population of 2,800 men, women and children, had, it is believed, the world's highest per capita attendance at one of these demonstrations, with about 3,000 marchers. Nearby Coffs Harbour (population 62,000) had approximately 2,500 marchers, one of them being your almanackist ...

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