Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who bombed the Sydney Hilton hotel?

Today according to Australian Eastern Standard Time when this item was posted
1978 On this day the Sydney Hilton Bombing occurred, leading to perhaps Australia's worst-ever miscarriage of justice.

A bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel, Sydney, killing two garbage men and a police officer. Inside the hotel were heads of government from a number of Commonwealth countries. Corrupt police began a campaign of framing members of the Ananda Marga religious organization for the crime, but eventually the 'Ananda Marga Three' were released from prison and compensated. (Then, years later, Tim Anderson, one of the Three, was charged over the bombing, jailed, and again released and compensated. He served many years in prison for no crime committed.)

It is usually called 'Australia's first outbreak of terrorism', but was it really? To this day the identity of the person or persons responsible remains a mystery. Were Australia's security police responsible? ... Read on at

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