Sunday, May 03, 2009


Our SURVIVE RECESSION Facebook group gets new members every day. But as a group administrator, I'm aware that many members are a wee bit scared to post anything because they think they have to be totally positive.

NO WAY!! Not so!!!! I ADMIT RECESSION & DEPRESSION SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME and that's the name of one of our discussion boards. I started that board, because I ADMIT RECESSION & DEPRESSION SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME -- especially since I lost the only job I had, which was only about two days a month anyway.

So, don't feel you have to be Hercules or Wonder Woman to play in the SURVIVE RECESSION sandpit. Your admins are feeling the pinch just as much as you and everyone in the world is. But together we will grow and succeed. SURVIVE RECESSION will help improve things, even if we just use it to COMPLAIN.

So I respectfully invite you to keep coming back very often to SURVIVE RECESSION and get as many of your friends to join us as soon as you can ... whether to come up with solutions, or just to air grievances or just have a good, cleansing whine and let off some steam. Or just LURK AND READ. This is a great group, growing steadily, and it has GREAT POTENTIAL! We need you to spread the word.

Abundance and gratitude, from Pip Wilson, your Aussie co-admin with Diana Schuetz in Wyoming, USA.

Let's SURVIVE RECESSION! We can overcome it. We can also vent our frustrations about it. My two favourite questions in life are: "WHY", and "WHY NOT?"



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