Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ross Wilson to produce 8 Ball Aitken's next album

We've talked a bit lately about 8 Ball Aitken (this post, for example). Well, here's some more, because there's some great news for this rising young star of country-roots-rock music.

Ross Wilson
"In June / July 1974 Wilson took time off Daddy Cool and produced Skyhook's breakthrough debut album Living in the Seventies, which overtook Daddy Cool's first album to become the biggest-selling Australian LP."

PRESS RELEASE: 29 April, 2009

8 Ball Aitken To Record New Album With Ross Wilson

Tamworth country musician 8 Ball Aitken will be recording his next album with Aussie music legend Ross Wilson. Wilson, the Australian roots music icon who authored much-loved hits as ‘Eagle Rock’ and ‘Come Back Again’ over a career spanning four decades, from Daddy Cool to Mondo Rock and even The Wiggles, will be working with the young red-headed guitar-slinger from FNQ to produce 8 Ball’s new album, “Lucky”, in 2010. “We love the sounds of classic Aussie country, blues, & rock,” Aitken explains. “Ross is definitely the producer who can deliver this sound -- I think ‘Eagle Rock’ could be our new national anthem!” The project is eligible for tax-deductible donations for funding by fans, further adding to the excitement. Potential donors are now invited to contact 8 Ball’s manager to discuss their involvement.

8 Ball Aitken’s most recent tour went across America from California to Nashville, and Texas to Toronto, including attending SXSW in Austin, Texas, USA and performances at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada. 8 Ball notes, “Performing at Canadian Music Week was a big deal for me. I felt very honoured to be selected to play there – it’s Canada’s most prestigious music industry event, and it receives major media coverage nationally.” The red-head’s unique blend of down-home Aussie swamp music hit the right note with enthusiastic Canadian audiences at the festival. He has already been invited back to Canada for more shows this year. Even ex-US President George H. Bush is fan – after meeting each other in Texas, he told 8 Ball that he was bringing his ‘Rebel With A Cause’ CD to his wife, Barbara.

8 Ball’s song ‘Yellow Moon’ won the EMI Q Song Blues & Roots Award 2008 and his recent single, ‘Hands On Top Of The Wheel’, made the top ten in the Australian Country Tracks Top 30 for two weeks in a row. The video clip for ‘Hands On Top Of The Wheel’ is also receiving considerable airplay on the Country Music Channel, Rage, CAAMA, and several international broadcasters. His previous single, ‘Cyclone Country’, reached number six in the charts for several weeks and earned him a Golden Guitar Nomination. 8 Ball released his new single ‘Outback Booty Call’ to radio on April 27.

8 Ball is now accepting tax-deductible donations to fund his Ross Wilson-produced new album Here's how it works. People interested in helping 8 Ball can make a tax deductible donation to ABAF, the Australia Business Arts Foundation, specifying that they would like their donation to be directed to 8 Ball's new CD production via ABAF's Australia Cultural Fund.

The Australia Cultural Fund is a unique facility which enables people to make tax deductible donations to ABAF, and nominate an individual artist as the recipient of the gift. ABAF has enabled many Australian artists to raise funds for the development of their work. One such musician is John Butler, whose JB Seed program is also a recipient of grants from the Australia Cultural Fund. 8 Ball was very honoured to receive a JB Seed grant in 2006, enabling him to study pedal steel guitar with internationally-respected pedal steel guru Michel Rose in Sydney. To find out more about ABAF and the Australia Cultural Fund, please visit: And if you'd like to donate some money today (and thereby help to minimise your tax bill!), please contact his manager, Bird Jensen:, phone: 0408 075 959.

8 Ball Aitken is currently available for interviews. A full-length radio feature, produced by CMR Nashville presenter Daryl Kirkup, includes all the songs from Rebel With A Cause, and in-depth interviews with 8 Ball about the stories behind each song. This interview CD is available free of charge to all music broadcasters and journalists. 300 dpi photos are also available for publication. To order a copy, or to arrange an interview with 8 Ball Aitken, please contact management on 0408 075 959 or

See also Bird Jensen at FaceBook.

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