Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mexican swine flu epidemic 'not so aggressive' as feared

"THE swine flu epidemic in Mexico is "not so aggressive" as initially feared, the Government as it gave a new confirmed toll of 15 dead and 328 people infected based on lab tests.

"'Fortunately the virus is not so aggressive - it's not a case of avian flu, which had a mortality rate of nearly 70 per cent,' Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said.

"He said the H1N1 flu virus, while far more contagious than avian flu, was easily treated with anti-viral medicine 'if treatment is given from the first day' ...

"The new tally represented a sharp downward revision from figures given by Cordova at the height of the flu emergency earlier this week, when he spoke of 159 "probable" deaths ..."

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