Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wilson's Almanac Articles Page

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Hundreds of articles for your pleasure are at the Wilson's Almanac Articles Page. As they say in the Classics (Illustrated) -- "check it out".

Give yourself a few hours ... The Articles Page also leads to many millions of words of material, including the big Book of Days, where you can look up folklore, events and birth dates related to you, your family's and friends' birthdays. Stuff you can print out at no charge to give as a birthday present instead of a pair of socks.

I've had a ball writing nearly 9 million words (even though I still type with two fingers that are getting RSI!), and I hope you have fun surfing the Articles Page for free. Go to . Don't tell your boss you're goofing off. Tell him you're researching something that will help the company, and help him get richer. As he's a boss, he's probably unutterably stupid and will believe whatever you tell him. Bear in mind that his motivation is primarily for himself, not for the company itself. That's called 'human nature'.

It's worth a shot, anyway. See you at the Articles Page. Drop me a line.

Abundance and gratitude,

Pip Wilson, your almanackist:

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