Friday, October 31, 2008

Water Not Weapons

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In partnership with the Phil Sauers & Pete Seeger Water Not Weapons global slogan campaign.

Benny Zable (pictured), peace and environmental performance artist from Australia;

Creative Director/Scenic Designer for New York's ECOFEST, will lead in his gas masked black costume, a contingent of 50 white costumed participants carrying a 9ft x 12ft "Water Not Weapons" logo/banner and flags in the 35th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

The risk of a nuclear catastrophe is far greater than we think. Our ability to reduce that risk is far greater than we imagine.

This ghostly reality we are expressing in the Halloween Parade.

Benny Zable

Cell# 1 347 223 9799

Cue-up -> 4pm @ 218 West 14th Street - between 7th & 8th in front of the Raggs-A-GoGo store in Greenwich Village

We leave promptly at 5pm Parade ->

"Water Not Weapons" ->

MySpace ->

World Water Rescue Foundation ->

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