Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'The Street Wise' is a book about unique characters of the Blue Mountains, NSW

'The Street Wise' is an essay in words and photographs of a disparate group of people living within the City of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. It is a journey into the heart of a community operating on the fringes of mainstream urban society - most of whom we may not know personally, but will instantly recognize on the streets of any city - for who they are, or what they represent.

Unlike many coffee table volumes, 'The Street Wise' completes the portrait of its subjects by adding the human side of the story.

This magnificent volume tells, in words and pictures, the story of how they became the person we see. The intellectual hippy who became a leading artist, the Nazi war victim who became a shuffling disadvantaged resident in sheltered accommodation, the abused child who found peace in a same sex relationship, or the Lord Mayor, all are as much part of the community as the police officer or the local newspaper proprietor.

All have a public face and a story to tell.

Printed in five colours in A4 format, this 200 hard cover book contains around 200, often insightful, portraits by Peter Adams and an informative and revealing text of nearly 80,000 words written by author and leading journalist, Alan Lloyd.

Captured over a twelve month period, it is written and photographed with empathy and sometimes humour - a historical snapshot of a community like no other.

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