Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pakistani man 'could be killed' if deported

Australia: "A leading human rights lawyer is pressuring the Federal Government not to deport a Pakistani man who has been in detention for more than two years.

"Julian Burnside QC says Ali Beg Humayam has received a letter from the Department of Immigration telling him he will be removed from Villawood detention centre and sent back to Pakistan.

"Mr Humayan currently has an application for special leave pending in the High Court.

"Mr Burnside says if Mr Humayan is deported, he could be killed because he is gay."

Community Action Against Homophobia writes in a press release (October 11, 2007):

Community Action Against Homophobia secretary, Rachel Evans said "Ali Humayun's case is too revealing for the Federal government and their the Department of Inhumanity and Corruption (DIAC). They want him out so he can't continue to galvanize anger against the torture the government is subjecting refugees to. We can stop this deportation, and we can close the camps and end mandatory detention."

CAAH is calling on people to ring Alex Fraser on (02) 9780 9313 to tell them not to deport Ali Humayun.

Call Rachel Evans 0403 798 420 for more information.

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